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Cash Register Model
This original and clever mechanical bank is designed as a vintage cash register to keep your finances safe. Just like its real life prototype, the model has coin and notes boxes. For extra-protection, they are secured with a code lock....
Date Navigator Model
Everyone faces with the question when planning activities during a week: what day of the week it is going to be. Usually we look at a smartphone or a datebook. Surprise your family, friends and colleagues with an original mechanical...
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Globe Model Kit
The Globus is a stylized model of Earth with a set of decorative continents, a rotating mechanism, and curious little extras that make the model even more interesting. All details are of high-quality plywood and pre-cut with a precise laser....
Hurdy-Gurdy Model
The Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy comes with everything needed for assembly. All the pieces are precut into the plywood boards and are easily removed for assembly following the detailed instructions provided.  The only non-wood parts, by necessity, are the two strings that...
Mechanical Bike Model
The Bike VM-02 is driven by a powerful rubber band motor that makes the motorcycle ride for as much as 3 meters in one winding. The energy produced by the motor is transmitted by a belt drive to the mechanism....
Mechanical Carousel Model
This outstanding model is a Ugears look at the classic merry-go-round implemented in top-quality wood, the familiar and beloved fairground ride is presented with highly-detailed design. Here you will find two types of carousel horses that rock up and down...
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Reasearch Vessel Model
Your new boat has all you need to implement proper research: a bathyscaphe for deep-sea exploration, a small motor-boat and a life boat, drop ramp, opening hold hatch, and other fun and interesting elements you find in real-life vessels. The...
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Roadster VM-01 Model
The Roadster VM-01 model kit is made of  high grade wood and has everything you might need for assembly.  The quality of the parts is top-notch: a laser method is used for cutting items from a plywood board that provides...
Scrambler UGR10 Model
The Scrambler is based on a dual-sport motorcycle prototype, a vehicle designed to travel both slick asphalt highways and heavy-going roads or go full Dirty Tracker mode. Original dual-sport bikes come from a family of so-called “scramblers” – lightweight city...
Steampunk Clock Model
This model is a miniature imitation of a clock with a delicate carved body and a clever mechanism that sets its gears in motion and gets the hands of the clock moving. Beautiful lace-like ornaments of the Steampunk Clock include...
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U-9 Grand Prix Model
The mechanisms hidden inside the devices we use in our lives are made so tiny these days that people became deprived of a possibility to behold of the magic of moving gears.  The interest in real mechanics will always be...
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UG70047 Ugears Model wooden puzzle Wolf-01 Handgun – DIY 3D mechanical model
Ugears wooden puzzle Wolf-01 Handgun – DIY 3D mechanical modelUGEARS presents a new unique item for your collection of wooden models – loaded with fun, aimed at positive emotions, the Wolf-01 mechanical handgun.This new arrival to UGEARS latest range is...
UGears Automaton Cyclist
Automaton CyclistThe new automaton by Ugears, a bold and beautiful model for real champions, is rolling in to take us to new victories. Introducing our latest addition to the Ugears automatons family, The Cyclist.Inspired by classic Tour De France chronicles,...
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UGears Fidget Ships
Ugears Model U-Fidget ShipsA set of 4 small mechanical ships for self-assemblyModels Size: 1,8*4,5*7,2cm / 2,2*5,1*6,6 cm / 2,0*4,6*6,0 cm / 1,8*4,9*7,8 cmPackage size: 3,9*3,0*0,6 in (10*7,5*1,6 cm)Number of components: 12-17 depending on a modelEstimated time for assembly: 1 hourThe...
UGears Marble Run Chain Hoist
Marble Run Chain Hoist – wooden 3D puzzle from UgearsWhat is it about marble runs that makes them so compelling? Kids (and adults!) can watch marbles going down a track, passing through various obstacles, for hours on end. Marble runs...
UGears Mars Buggy
«Mars Buggy» mechanical model kitGo far and beyond with the futuristic mini-model of a space conqueror Mars Buggy from the Ugears collection of mechanical models.Spare 30 minutes or so to enjoy the assembly of an ingenious mechanical space vehicle. Inspired...
UGears Mini-Buggy MiHi-6ari
MINI BUGGYNumber of components: 80Estimated time of assembly: 1 hourLevel: EasyWelcome to the expanding fleet of vehicles in the amazing collection of Ugears wooden mechanical models. We would like you to meet our new little pet: the fast and fun...
UGears Model Drift Cobra Racing Car
Drift Cobra Racing car – the new supercar in Ugears Automotive collectionAssemble me. Burn tires!We know you love car modelling and you love the Ugears Dream Cabriolet, Roadster, and U-9 Grand Prix. Well, make room on the shelf, because a...
UGears Tanker
Ugears Model TankerA cool wooden model for self-assembly from the new UGEARS Trucks Collection. Based on UGM-11 Truck, the Mechanical Tanker model has real TANKER with the unique opening mechanism which fits well for standard 0.33 L cans. Twist the...
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UGears Timer (20 Minutes)
Ugears Model Timer for 20 min.The Timer is one of UGEAR’s most beautiful models. It is an exquisite and refined mechanical device that can count down to zero starting from 1 to 20 minutes. Just set the Timer’s rubber band-powered...
UGears Treasure Box
Ugears Model Treasure boxThe true jewel of Ugears new collection of wooden models is an exquisite Mechanical Treasure Box for jewellery and notes. Mysterious and intriguing puzzle boxes, known in many cultures and especially popular in Victorian England, could not...
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