4 Inch Speed Clamp 71006
Dual Action Quick Ratchet Colours/Design may vary
Sold Out
Glue Buster Deluxe 28g 46070
Deluxe Materials Glue Buster (28g)Debonder and dissolver for Super Glue. Releases bonded skin and removes super glue stains
JCB AA Batteries
Card of 10 Batteries
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Lockfast Retainer 10ml
High Quality Retainer suitable for all small screws, nuts etc. 10ml.
Paint Remover 44500
Paint RemoverHigh Quality Paint Stripper
Ratchet Bar Clamp 12" x 2 1/2"
Nylon Fiber Filled jaws
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Tamiya Battery Plug x4 A21043
Pack of 4 Tamiya Style Battery Plugs with Gold pins.Female
Sold Out
Tamiya Charging Plug x4 A21041
 Pack of 4 Tamiya Style Charging Plugs with Gold pins. Male
UHU Expanded Polystyrene Glue
50 ml UHU Por Expanded Polystyrene GlueFor Hard foam like StyrofoamFlexibleResistant to Ageing
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