Maskol 28ml Bottle
Maskol 28ml Bottle
31ml Model Filler (Tube)
31ml Model Filler (Tube)
Paint Remover 44500
Paint RemoverHigh Quality Paint Stripper
Sold Out
Glue Buster Deluxe 28g 46070
Deluxe Materials Glue Buster (28g)Debonder and dissolver for Super Glue. Releases bonded skin and removes super glue stains
Sold Out
Lockfast Retainer 10ml
High Quality Retainer suitable for all small screws, nuts etc. 10ml.
Revell Contacta Professional Glue 12.5g
Revell Contacta Professional Glue 12.5g 'Revell Contacta Professional' is for pin-point accurate bonding. The extra-fine hollow needle allows for micro-fine glueing of tiny details and clear part edges.  
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