Notorious 6S 4WD BLX 1/8 RTR Black V4

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The NOTORIOUS 6S BLX is primed for multi-surface driving action, no matter how hard the elements fight back. Complete with strong steel, lightweight aluminum and rugged composite materials; when you pilot the NOTORIOUS 6S BLX, you are in charge of a powerful force. Check out the all-new, custom ‘50s truck body. With the ARRMA NOTORIOUS 6S BLX, you’re stunting in STYLE!

Designed FAST.

With enormous 6S brushless power on tap from the ARRMA BLX 185 brushless system, the NOTORIOUS 6S BLX achieves high-speed roost-chucking action with ease.

Engineered to STUNT.

The short wheelbase of the NOTORIOUS 6S BLX Stunt Truck means it can perform wheelies, flips and tricks with ease. Hypnotize people at your local bash spot with unbelievable on-demand back flips and wheelies. The NOTORIOUS 6S BLX is available in a stealthy murdered-out matte black color scheme or stunning matte blue color scheme. You decide

Real Steel effect body shows realistic battle scars from stunting scuffs and scrapes. The sky's the limit with awe-inspiring 6S BLX power that will launch the NOTORIOUS 6S BLX big, high and long.

Get your wheelie game on track. The NOTORIOUS 6S BLX model features a high-level wheelie bar for long, high angled wheelies.

A scale rear wing aids high-speed stability and adds to the cool looks.

An all-new sliding motor mount is included. This is precision manufactured from high-quality aluminum and anodized in ARRMA red. The sliding motor mount allows the motor position to be adjusted with the loosening of two screws that are accessed from above, significantly simplifying adjustment of the gear mesh and pinion changes.

The NOTORIOUS 6S BLX now features a never-loose aluminum servo saver. With no adjustment nut to loosen this design offers a fit-and-forget setting for the servo saver.

A tough molded composite body support brace is attached to the underside of the body. This interfaces with the center roll hoop on the vehicle chassis, offering roll-over protection for the body.

A molded composite roll hoop on the center section of the chassis provides support for the body from underneath. This increases the durability of the body during upside down action.

A center brace adds longitudinal support to the chassis plate for maximum durability. This is attached to specifically designed mount at the front of the vehicle. The center brace is securely attached to a specifically designed mount at the rear structure of the vehicle.

New designed hub nuts feature integrated o-rings that keeps them in position.

The Spektrum STX2 radio system offers fast and consistent control for your ARRMA vehicle. Using 2.4Ghz technology, your ARRMA vehicle is controlled by a wheel and trigger style radio transmitter.

Ideal for new RC users and experienced bashing fans alike. Adjustable steering and throttle trim will allow you to easily tune your control experience to suit your individual needs.

IC5 connectors can handle the power required when the action gets furious. They provide a reliable connection between your BLX185 ESC and your chosen battery packs.

Requires for Use:

  • x2 7.4v or x2 11.1v LiPo Batteries with IC5 or EC5 Connectors
  • Suitable Charger
  • x4 AA Batteries (for Transmitter)
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Notorious 6S 4WD BLX 1/8 RTR Black V4
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