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The TD610 Pro from GT Power is the ultimate in charging technology! Coming with a 4.0" full colour touch screen interface, compatible with all major battery chemistries and capable of charging at 10 Amps with 100 Watts of power! With...
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IMars III Charger 2~6S/3~18NiMH 100W AC
The Gens Ace Imars III multi chemistry charger is ideal for those looking for a compact and versatile charging solution. The latest charger release from Gens Ace see's a sleek design with an easy to use menu system that will...
Etronix Powerpal 3.0 AC/DC Performance Charger/Discharger (UK Plug)
ETRONIX POWERPAL 3.0 AC/DC PERFORMANCE CHARGER/DISCHARGER (UK PLUG)   Etronix has upgraded its best selling PowerPal charger with the latest 3.0 version. Same reliable charging for all your battery charging needs, the 3.0 has been updated with the inclusion of...
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Prophet Sport Plus 50W AC/DC Charger-EU
The Prophet™ Sport Plus charger is ideal for sports hobbyists. This affordable, durable and full AC/DC powered charger can be used for surface, air and marine R/C charging purposes. With the ability to handle 2S to 6S Li-Po batteries as...
Etronix Powerpal Mini AC 6A 60W Balance Charger/Discharger
ETRONIX POWERPAL MINI AC 6A 60W BALANCE CHARGER/DISCHARGER   With an integrated power unit, the PowerPal Mini features a compact and lightweight design for simple, use anywhere charging for most regular modelling applications. Delta peak charge software to suit all...
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Absima Energy Starter Set (NiMH Battery + Charger)
Features: √ Includes a plug-in charger and a NiMH racing pack √ „Easy-to-use” set - perfect for beginners   Technical specification charger: ● Charging current: 500mAh ● Plug system: Tamiya male ● Input: AC 100-240V ● Output: 9.0V Technical specification...
The GT Power SD4 is a simple, easy to use mains powered multi charger.With an easy to read LCD display and LED status indicator, charging your batteries couldn't get any easier! With an onboard balance charging board and a Deans...
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Etronix Cellmeter Battery Capacity Checker
The perfect unit for monitoring all your batteries to ensure that they are in peak condition when you come to use them. The Etronix Cellmeter measures seven different readings from your batteries. Choose from Total voltage, total cellbattery capacity, individual...
Etronix Powerpal Pocket 2 Lipo Life Balance Charger
This simple to use charger is the perfect replacement for stock supplied balance chargers in RTF/RTR aircraft, helis and cars. The Etronix Powerpal Pocket 2 charges 2S and 3S LiPo and LiFe batteries at a fixed 800Mah charge rate and...
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Absima NC-1 NiMH Charger UK Version
Input Voltage: 100-240V AC Max. charge current: 800mA Range of charging voltage: 1.2V - 10.8V Battery Type: NiMH Green: Full charged Red: Charging Blink red: Error Weight: 100g Dimensions: 100 x 61 x 30mm Note: UK-version with 3-pin plug
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Charger LC1 LiPo (UK Version)
Mini charger for LiPo/LiFe batteries uo to 11,1V (3 cells). Charging through the balance plug from the battery. Power cable included. Technical specs: Input voltage: 100-240V AC Max. charge current: 800mA Cell count range: 2-3 cells Battery type: LiPo Weight: 100g Measure:...
Fusion NX84 Sprint AC TAM/EC3
A simple low current mains charger.   Ideal for conditioning battery packs.   Features: 240v 3 pin wall charger. 1A Delta peak charger for 4~8 cell NiCd/NiMH batteries. Automatic charger, perfect for stick packs or receiver packs with an optional...
Fusion SLA12 Boost AC
Sealed Lead Acid 12volt battery charger. Input: 110~240volt AC 0.4A Output: 12volt Charge Rate: 700mA Red Status LED for charging Green Status LED for charged Now with Croc Clip connections for easy use.
Fusion NX83 Tx/Rx AC
Specifications RX Ni-Cd/Ni-MH - 4~6 Cells (Delta Peak) TX Ni-Cd/Ni-MH - 4~8 Cells (Constant Current) AC Input - 110~240V RX Output Delta Peak (750mA) RX Socket - fits both Futaba and JR 4~6 Cells Tx Output Fixed Constant Current (150mA)...
OptiPower LiPo Charge Bag
OPTIPOWER LiPo bag for improved safety during charging of lithium cells.
Chg Ld 4mm~Tam, Dns, BEC, Rx, Fut/JR Tx
4mm gold banana connectors to various.Connections: Deans Tamiya  3-Pin RX Futaba TX Jack JR TX Jack
Charge Lead: 4mm~4mm (2mm Gold Balance) 22AWG 300mm
Charge Lead: 4mm~4mm (2mm Gold Balance) 22AWG 300mm
Overlander XT90 Female to EC5 Male Adaptor Lead
Female EC5 to male XT90 conversion lead.   This lead is approximately 50mm long and will convert the XT90 connector on your battery to an EC5 type. This lead is made from 12AWG (4mm) soft silcone wire
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Charge Lead: 4mm Banana to EC5
EC5 Charging Cable
Charge Lead: 4mm Banana to EC3
EC5 Charging Cable
Silicone Wire 14AWG 1m Black/1m Red (400 Strands OD3.5mm)
Silicone Wire 14AWG 1m Black/1m Red (400 Strands OD3.5mm)

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