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Model Technics Big Bang 25% Nitro Fuel (1 Litre)
Model Technics uses carefully engineered ingredients and standards: Methanol - (CH3OH) 99.85% pure. Produced to BSENISO 9002 standard and IMPCA spec and contains less than 0.05% water. NitroMethane - (CH3NO2) 99.95% pure. The best commercially available spec. Does not contain...
Optifuel Optimix Race 25% Nitro Car Fuel 2.5 Litres
25% Nitromethane blend for large capcity 0.21 and over tuned race engines to give the perfect blend of power and economy Designed for Racing We have tested dozens of different oil and nitro-methane formulations before selecting Klotz synthetic oils to...
Optifuel Optimix Rtr 20% Nitro Car Fuel 2.5 Litres
Optimix RTR 20% Nitro Car Fuel 2.5 Litres 20% Niromethane blend for 0.15 to 0.18 engine sport use to give maximum power or for 0.21 to 0.32 engines when low running costs are more important than more expensive high nitro...
Optifuel Optimix 12% 5 Litres Helicopter Fuel OH1218K
Designed for training, intermediate flyers, sport aircraft and boats. 12% Nitromethane and 18% Synthetic Oil. Supplied in full 5L containers not US Gallon (3.78L). Optimix 12 is designed for sport, training and scale modellers. Works well on helicopter engines and...
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